Friday, March 14, 2008

Possible Thesis Titles

Titles are pretty much the last thing I should be worried about. But, simply put, I have no idea what to call the 20-or-so poems that make up my thesis. My chair looks at me funny every time I make a new suggestion. Kind of like she thinks I'm stupid or something. Possibly because I'd like nothing better than to call it "Whitney Houston," but I don't have the money to purchase the copyright.

So here's a list of titles that have been suggested to me or that I've come up with all by myself. Some serious, some not. I've decided to put it up for a vote.

1. Gut-sad Suck
2. Industrial Follicle
3. Ochre's Retinue
4. Regular Hours at the Conservatory
5. Imaginary Thaw
6. No Fruit
7. No Bananas, Yes
8. The Waxless So-Ons
9. Pull My Finger
10. I Love to Watch You Leave
11. A Haven is a Leaving
12. Leave
13. Whitney Houston (I'll be taking donations to pay Ms. Houston for the privilege of using her name)

1 comment:

unsaid said...

I vote for Imaginary Thaw or No Fruit. Cool names...not sure how they work with your pieces, of course. And...also won't be applying for an MFA until the end of this year so know nothing about a thesis :) But cool titles nonetheless!