Friday, June 6, 2008


The last time I moved to Seattle, I had a hell of a time getting my computer set up. I'd just won the computer in one of those sweepstakes on (yes, people actually do win those things) and had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for it. Now it's five years later and I'm having a hell of a time setting up the damn thing and I have neither the energy nor the enthusiasm to sustain me. The tower is currently at the computer doctor being diagnosed. I fear the verdict will be something vague, like "ennui". Or worse, the computer doctor will tell me that there is nothing wrong with my computer and the problem must be "user error". Then I'll just have to add it to the list of infuriating aspects of moving to Seattle.

Another: proving residency in order to get one's driver's license. I sat at the DMV for an hour only to find out that my documents weren't acceptable. The kind and patient woman at the desk handed me a list of items that are acceptable--among them, a concealed weapons permit--and of which I have none currently. My best bets are auto insurance policy and WA voter ID card, but good luck trying to obtain either one at 4:45 on a Friday afternoon.

Did I mention that our washing machine doesn't have a cold cycle?

Also, my neighbor and I found what we thought was an injured crow (in our defense--it was limping around and one of its wings was drooping). I spent a good deal of time attempting to capture it gently, eventually wrapping it in one of our blankets and handing it to my neighbor for ministrations. We found out later in the day from the wildlife hotline people that the bird was, in fact, a baby crow (they have blue eyes and shorter tails--go figure) and that we should return it to where we found it posthaste in order for its parental figures to find it and continue teaching it to fly. So now I'm just an idiot with an empty blanket covered in bird shit, not a hero and friend to all creatures great and small. But the effort counts for something, right? Right?

Writing? What writing?

Job? What job?

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