Sunday, August 24, 2008

Birds and trees and such

It's raining in Seattle. I have a porch, which is nice because it means I can see the rain close up without feeling it directly.

And in the trees in front of my porch, I see birds (this one's for you, Laurie).

I think this is a Steller's jay. It makes a sound like those noise-makers one finds at children's parties. You know, the stick with a box at one end that, when motivated with a swift wrist motion rotates around the stick. In other words, a grinding sound.

(Steller's jay flexes like a superhero). A good friend's older sister used to pronounce the word "bird" as "pyood" when she was a kid. I like the sound of it. I like pyoods. This one is especially stellar.

In other news, against a backdrop of monotone sky, coniferous needles take on an aspect like tatting:


LEW said...
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LEW said...

Yes! This is a stellar Steller's Jay. I wonder who Steller was. I'm sure I could Google to discover, but I prefer the mystery. Thanks for the birds! I was at the Lincoln Park Zoo last week, enjoying their indoor aviary. Best tropical displaced birds ever.