Monday, October 20, 2008

Publication Strategies

A few weeks ago, as I opened another envelope addressed to myself, a dim memory rolled around in the back of skull. I remembered that I used get published regularly before my MFA. I wrote for Creative Loafing, mental_floss magazine, and quite a few zines that if we tally the numbers, have a much greater circulation than any given Suede-Elbow Jacket Review. Sure, I yearn for the word "Quarterly" in my writing CV. I have literary fiction short stories that (I hope) belong there. But in the meantime, why not write for some of the markets I used to approach?

In the interest of pimping, shameless self-promo, etc.


LEW said...

"Not only does the Goth palette absorb the stains, it creates the right mood. Mysterious. Down to business. Deep."

No, seriously.

Emily A. Benton said...

hey Kelly, I just have to say that I love your work. keep pimping.