Monday, November 10, 2008

End Times

On Oct. 30, a man set himself on fire at the university that employs me. A couple of people from the other side of my office witnessed it. He was a former custodial worker for the U.


So the job is going fine, I guess. It's hard to really know what fine is, right now, what with the cognitive dissonance of the recent election. I'm re-learning how to mail merge, mostly. And making copies. Lots of copies.


I wish I could say that I'm writing. I guess I am, in that I write ideas or lines down at least once a day. Nothing is really striking me, though. I may be a little too overwhelmed with the immediacy of the day-to-day world to be reflective or generative at the moment.


I reserved plane tickets to go to Chicago for the weekend of AWP, though I will not be attending the conference. Rather, it will be an opportunity to have a reunion of sorts with the MFA diaspora and my college roommate. And perhaps attend some off-site readings around town. On an unrelated note, I also registered for my 15-year high school reunion over the Thanksgiving break. I haven't begun the requisite stock-taking review and evaluation of my entire life yet since June 10, 1993, but it's coming. Oh, it's coming in a big way.


Am considering applying for fellowships. I think this is one of the stages of denial that follows the MFA. It's the No-this-can't-possibly-be-all-there-is stage. Or the I-must-cling-to-academia-for-validation stage. Or both. I've actually set some wheels in motion regarding recommendation letters. It is very possible that someone may need to slap me until I come to my senses.


LEW said...

Fellowships! Good idea-- I just stunbled across this listing @ the Poets & Writers site, under Tools for Writers, just for Washington State artists:

The Grant section on is a spiffy, searchable database. Is this new? Or have I just missed out on this useful feature until now?

Laura said...

Can we stop this creepy parallel development? Three diasporic lines splitting infinity. I was just AT the P&W grant page. But it seems more like a list of contests. I want one of those weird grants. Like, some rich do-goodie will give a million dollars to a woman who just turned forty who can play the drums and wants to write about her favorite childhood author, or maybe the woman wants to write fiction, she can't decide. Donuts! The woman needs a donut grant!