Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Craigslist: the barometer

I'm back on the (half-hearted) job hunt these days. If Craigslist has anything to tell us its that, yes, the job market is crummy. For a city with such a large population & a healthy number of bustling "industrial" suburbs (that is, the outlying areas where huge buildings for huge companies can crop up with the benefit of more acreage), the "writing & editing" page on Craigslist has always overwhelmed me with 20 or so posts a day to choose from. Have at it, it proclaimed! There's something here for everyone. Every day! Yesterday that number was down to a measly 3.


Lyz said...

Be careful of the scam posts! Those really tick me off.

Have you been to, Ed2010 and Media Bistro? Those are my faves. Media Bistro and ED2010 are responsible for my best freelancing jobs to date.

Laura said...

Have ya tried this? I saw this posted in the Nola craigslist:

Hey Clients --

Do words feel boring and unappealing to you?

Do your friends and neighbors seem to nod off when you bust out your newest toy or product?

Not anymore! Be the first on your block to have the Shaun Walker word action figure and show those friends you mean business!

The Shaun Walker word action figure comes fully geared* with a creativity cannon, kung fu writer's grip and flash-insight. Just try and take that pen away from him!

Shaun Walker, from New Orleans, is dedicated to fighting the evil Lulls of idea generation and production. Don't worry, this word action figure always has your content's back.

*Accessories such as the Rocket Desk Chair, sidekick Yorkshire Terrier and six pack of beer are sold separately.