Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sex and Food

This morning I visited the mental_floss website and found one of my old articles posted, 10 Foods You Wouldn't Want to Catch Your Parents Eating, an article on aphrodisiacs. Whoah. I'm archived.

I reread it and didn't cringe hardly at all. Although it was a little scary, because I don't remember any of the information I supposedly wrote about with great authority.

Off to Jazz Fest and my quest for crawfish bread. It occurs to me the entire city of Nola is an aphrodisiac. Oysters. Heat. Deep fried goodness. Sweat. Booty funk. Today I love you.

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Anna said...

Kelly, this weekend LEW and I found a place in Chicago that fries seafood and tastes almost as good nola fried food.

we thought of you...