Monday, September 7, 2009

P is for Publication!

Hey my story, "The Law of Meat" is out in the fall '09 The Gettysburg Review. My first fiction pub. Yay! And there's a picture of a tiger!

For any fellow classmates out there this is a revision of the creepy babysitter story from the fall '07 Canty workshop.

The website is down so if you are my mother or my two friends I co-write this blog with and wish to purchase the issue, TGR's number is (717) 337-6770, or email


Rachel said...

Congrats, Kelly. I'm feeling very sorry for myself that I missed the creepy babysitter story. I'm definitely going to have to look into this.

Emily said...

Kelly. Gettysburg Review? Stupendous! Now you're sorry you shared your blog address with me (I love me some google reader).

We have the same middle name.

Anna said...

issue ordered!

ann said...