Wednesday, November 4, 2009

To Drive or Not to Drive

I'm in Hamlet mode. Hamlet was a Libra.

I just found out my Montana prof Kevin Canty is reading Tuesday in Winston Salem. I live 5 hours away in Athens, Ohio. Compared to Missoula, this is close, but it's not really that close. And it's the last week of the quarter. Freshmen are piling up outside my doorstep. Body count is high.

And I'm pretty sure the house I own in Durham is crumbling at the brick level, about to teeter right off these stumbly piers it was built upon in 1928. But I can't seem to make it there to deal with it. That distance, an extra hour, feels way too far to drive. Probably forever.

Somehow, that I lived in North Carolina for fifteen years seems to matter.

This is where I need my MFA friend Anne Marie, who would say, "We are going. We are DEFINITELY going."

I probably won't go.

But it sure would be awesome to go.


Trina said...

Oh just go already! Five hours is nothing. You're allowed to have a life, even during the last week of the quarter. And it'll be fun! Well, the reading part will be fun. You could always skip the house part this time.

am said...

you are definitely going!!! wonder how long the drive is from here - maybe i will surprise you and meet you. and definitely skip the house. save that for another day. or year.