Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Bartleby of One's Own

Maybe this is one of those "hey we've all known about this forever why didn't you" posts, but I hadn't heard of this, so I'm passing it on.

I might be giddy from our first date, but I think this is for real.

Sorry, Microsoft. We're done. And wasn't this relationship always a compromise? You were what everyone expected, but I was never happy. And your features? I am sure they will make someone very happy but they just never did it for me. Thanks and see ya.

Hello, Scrivener. Designed by a writer for a writer. Not by a robot for other robots.

I have been working on a book and reached the point of wondering just how many windows I could have open before my desktop collapsed. It's been unwieldy. Unattractive. Irritating!

Now I can have a tidy little binder to my right. And I write in any format/font I choose, and then when I export, I can create settings. I can even export as a Word document.

I don't want to be that annoying person who can't stop talking my wonderful new relationship, but if you write, and especially if you write novels or research-based projects. Check it out.


Travis Fortney said...

Oh, Kelly. If only you'd bought that PC, you could have afforded the latest version of word, which is amazing.

Like the new layout, btw.

Lauren said...

Kelly! You've just changed my life. For serious. This is like god's second best gift to writers. Right after whiskey. Thank you thank you.

Emily said...

I am all upons. Thanks for the tip, Scrivener looks awesome.