Friday, February 15, 2008

First mistake and a fresh batch of do-overs: The Cover Letter

This weekend I, Laurie, will submit two pending online applications for administrative positions in Chicago. This is a fact. This is the beginning of the phase I'd like to call "the do-overs".

Many weeks ago, (a dark and naïve time in my life), I embarked on a tentative step toward establishing a telecommuting job reviewing manuscript with a small Chicago publishing agent site. I sent a query email with basic skill-specific details about my suitability for the position, asking if they were considering applications. If they were, I'd be happy to send cover letter and resume...

Oh, faux pas gods, how you plague me.

It seemed simple enough, only after I had hit "send" on that email. A cover letter seeking employment possibility (a query!--Why, I've heard of those...) would have been the logical, responsible, extroverted choice to woo this potential employer preemptively. I believe my silly five line email was promptly filtered away into the nether regions of the company's inbox. Can I blame them? Nope.

(Debilitated by fear of the unknown and the blank page of a cover letter template, I stumbled upon a helpful site, covering all cover letter needs that a person might ever have. )

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