Thursday, February 14, 2008

Things you didn't need to know, but now know

While considering the sticky situation of how best to pluralize "Ph.D.s" (Does that look alright? Isn't "Ph.D.'s" unwieldy?), I naturally went to the never-academically-sound Wikipedia to discover something more alarming:

"Doctor of Philosophy, abbreviated Ph.D. or PhD for the Latin PhilosophiƦ Doctor, meaning 'teacher of philosophy', (or, more rarely, D.Phil., for the equivalent Doctor PhilosophiƦ) is an advanced academic degree."

Wait a minute... "D.Phil."?.. why, that looks alarming like "Dr. Phil".

"Should I be scared?" I asked myself. Have we been hoodwinked into believing Dr. Phil offers advice at the backing of his subliminal Ph.D. degree? Hmmm.

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