Monday, March 16, 2009

P is for (Re) Publication!

Three years ago I wrote a profile for mental_floss magazine, "A Walk on the Far Side: The Story of Gary Larson.” The article is posted online here. I just discovered it has been reprinted in The Pop Culture Zone: Writing Critically About Popular Culture, a college textbook. Class, please turn to pages 527-531. I am thick with pedagogy! The book even has discussion questions!

For this reprint I received the mighty check of fifty bones.

This shot was taken by fellow blogger Trina Burke in Rattlesnake Park in Missoula. I'm not sure why it posted sidewise. In case you can’t tell, I’m the Far Side Lady. You know, the one without eyes in the flowered dress. Mental_floss is the coolest mag ever because they published me in this costume as my author pic.


LEW said...

$50!!! Sweet. And you'll be assigned in classrooms all over the place. Very meta.

Emily A. Benton said...

that's great! are you facing pages with Chuck Klosterman, III?

also, I find myself quoting Larson cartoons a lot, as in, when I'm trying to pull on a door that says PUSH. "Midville School for the Gifted." HA! gets me every time!