Tuesday, August 25, 2009

P is for Poverty

In the mail today I received my credit card statement (moving expenses + setting up house + MacBook = ouch) and my auto insurance notice from State Farm. (and a postcard from Lithuania, thanks T!) Today I learned that insurance companies are now on the "money saving tips" bandwagon; I received a nifty little newsletter along with my bill. State Farm didn't discuss how Americans waste money on useless insurance policies, or explain that variable annuities "exist to make money for the people who sell them."

The real enemy?

That's right. Lattes are devastating American finances! If we writers cut out our $3 latte every day we can save $1000 a year! Of course, we spend every day miserable and under-caffeinated, robbed of our single reliable pleasure in life.

What, really, is the freaking point of denying myself coffee, when my retirement fund just crashed ($5000), my home's foundation cracked ($10,000), my car flooded ($500 - didn't meet deductible), my computer died ($1200), I had to move across the country ($1000)...

...there's more but we'll stop here.

I pay State Farm $1600 a year (home and auto).

The world might blow up tomorrow. I'm drinking my coffee.


V Wetlaufer said...

I hate the "cut out the fancy coffee" advice, too. Not only do I need my caffeine, but it's sometimes the only reason I leave the house, and leaving the house is a goal, so...it's all about choices, I guess.

Travis Fortney said...

For whatever reason, this blog post really tickled my funny bone. Perhaps it is because I hate poverty and love coffee.