Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Imbalance of Time in Relation to Things to Do

Today: 50 pages of editing, two phone interviews, one face-to-face interview scheduled with a staffing agency in Seattle for next Tuesday.

Left to do: over 300 pages of editing by Monday, preparations for face-to-face interview, packing and planning for an open-ended trip to Seattle, seek out and lock down a residence in Seattle, pack up belongings and move, preparations for Prague trip.

Wherefore: sit around and watch TV?

Wherefore: long-awaited trip to Glacier?

Wherefore: generate new writing?

Wherefore: spend time with friends before they all scatter to the four winds?

The month of May is a speedy little thing.


Margosita said...

All of those sound fun! Especially the trip to Prague. It's a literary city, of sorta. Visit the Kafka museum, for sure!

LEW said...

I would very much like to:

Travel to Glacier with you & K. Then we can watch T.V. in a bar, while we dine and drink. Then hike in the morning. Thoughts?

Laura said...

Wherefore indeed? We'd better get up there and see some bighorn.