Monday, July 13, 2009

Fiction and Nonfiction

A friend of mine reports that her university paid Junot Diaz a fat sum to cruise up, read, curse like a madman, eat lunch, reap the worship, and split.

Can we say, dream job?

I would like to be Junot Diaz. His website opens to a simple flash of words — The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao — and a quote from Michiko Kakutani proclaiming him one of “contemporary fiction’s most distinctive and irresistible new voices.”

A member of my Nola writers group forwarded this 2008 Boston Review fiction contest winner as the lagniappe, a published story we read each week in addition to our own work. While Diaz is the fiction editor of BR, Chris Abani judged the contest.

I had two long paragraphs that I wrote but I'm not even going to post. Just go read the story, and then, read the comments after the story.


Marvin said...

"It sucks when a perfect asshole manages to hurt your feelings."

Also, “You broke my heart just like you said you would. Like the fucking wind. You broke it wide open.”

Like the wind, I say.

Anonymous said...

i sense some jealousy.