Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wave Books Poetry Weekend and other stuff

Received from Wave Books:

Dear Friends, Hello to you all. We are writing to you with an update about the Wave Books three-day poetry event, this coming August. We've receivedenthusiastic responses, both from people who have confirmed their attendance, and also from some of you who are excited to attend, butare finding yourselves unable to afford the current price. We want tomake it possible for as many of our readers and supporters to attend,so we are reducing the price, and have added an additional option forattending: We are REDUCING THE PRICE OF THE EVENT PASSES to $75 ($50 students).The passes will get you into all of the readings, the filmscreenings, book arts presentation, with access to the Henry ArtGallery and exhibitions. The pass also grants you local bookstorediscounts, and includes a welcome packet with additional informationand materials. We are also offering a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to 10 people who would beotherwise unable to attend, and who can confirm they will be inattendance for all three days. Through the generosity of a donor, weare able to offer 10 Full Scholarships, which include all of thebenefits and materials for a regular Event Pass. We are hoping thatthese Scholarships will make it possible for those who cannototherwise attend to be there for the entire weekend. Please email usat, and let us know a little bit aboutyourselves. Act soon, as this offer will disappear quickly. Please let us know if you have any questions at all. You can reach usat, or visit the Wave website at We greatly appreciate your interest, and we look forward to seeing you here in Seattle this August! Sincerely, Wave Books 1938 Fairview Avenue East, Suite 201 Seattle, Washington 98102


Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Hello to you all. This is Brandon Shimoda, writing from Wave Books --

I am writing with additional news regarding Wave's three-day poetry event, this coming August at the Henry Art Gallery. By now you should have received an update from us, with the news of the reduction in event ticket price. In case you have not, tickets are now available for $75 ($50 student rate) ( In addition, we are going to be offering a limited number of Day Passes. Day Passes will be available locally (only), for $25, and for those individuals who are only able to attend single days. Day Passes will be available for Friday and Saturday only; there will be no passes available for Sunday events.


So, if you're in the Pacific Northwest and have the inclination, you should go.

In other news, I'm headed to Vilnius next week with Summer Literary Seminars. I hope to blog the experience, but in this life there are no guarantees.

In still other news, poems are up here and here. The latter includes audio! Whee! The wonders of the Internet!

Speaking of which, I love me some online journals. Say what you will about them, they reach a greater audience than print journals, which usually have a circulation of no more than 2,000-3,000. In addition, there are so many possibilities for visually and aurally presenting your work. And there's no paper involved! No USPS (Have I mentioned my bright-burning, undying hatred of the USPS lately? The fuckers still haven't figured out how to forward my mail the 1.5 miles between Ballard and Fremont and It's been over a month since I moved. Fuckers)! Downsides: no money (which is also an upside, since readers don't have to pay to read), excessively long acceptance-to-publication waits, and the possibility of the journal folding overnight (which, given the state of the economy, is as much of a danger with print these days).

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