Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montana MFA Faculty News: Kevin Canty

It’s no exaggeration to say Kevin Canty transformed my fiction. I’m not saying that I’m a genius now, but if you saw what I was writing before — well, you would understand. Spring semester of 07 was a transformative, if horribly painful molting that involved multiple nights of tossing, turning and hand wringing. But at the end I was a better writer.

It’s also no exaggeration to say that Kevin is one of the best short story writers working today. Maybe I’m biased but I don’t believe so. I can like you as a person but not like your writing.

I like Kevin as a writer and as a person and he has a new collection out, Where the Money Went. I’m waiting until I move to order it, so that it will arrive at my house, but I have heard two of these stories at readings and I loved them. KC has this amazing way of creating stories that feel effortless even as you are transported to this familiar, yet alternate universe.

And he’s great reader.

If you have a chance to attend these readings, do it.

I already missed the plug boat for New York City, July 8, at Joe's Pub, but apparently it was sold out anyway.


July 14: Shakespeare & Co., Missoula,
August 4: Elliot Bay Book Co., Seattle
August 6: Powell's on Hawthorne, Portland

Here’s where Elle recommends Kevin as summer reading.

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