Monday, April 7, 2008

Left Facing Bird

The project: to email 1300 or so poets and give them 12 hours to respond with a poem and to take another 12 hours to upload said poems to a website.

Congratulations to our fellow poets Lucas Farrel, Greg Hill, Jr., and Brandon Shimoda on pulling it off with flair.

Featuring: Tomaz Salamun, Ed Roberson, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, Maxine Chernoff, and a lot of other cool people.


Lisa R. said...

What a cool site - thanks for pointing me to Left Facing Bird.

I'm about to finish an MFA in July too. It's amazing to me that we (me and my fellow students and maybe every single MFA student in the U.S.) seems in a worse state of uncertainty and trepidation now than BEFORE we started!

I post about this and other such stuff on my blog too.

Good luck to y'all.

Trina said...


I started grad school 4 years ago largely because I couldn't find a decent job in Seattle (though that wasn't the only reason). I figured that, by the time I was finished, the economic, social, and cultural climate would be better. So I definitely feel you there. It's a kick in the pants to find that, in fact, I may be folding sweathers at the mall again.

Is it OK if we link to your blog?