Monday, April 7, 2008

The Three P's: An Update

PhDs: I applied to two PhD programs - Florida State (denied) and Nebraska (accepted). I was not offered funding at Nebraska, although I was informed there are alternative grad assistantships, and told to email the secretary. I was kind of shocked, because the website was not clear, in my mind, that the school accepted anyone without funding. I mean, this is a PhD, right? The idea is that I am contributing to the the greater scholarship of academia, and as such deserve my pittance. The faculty was apologetic, and I could tell felt poorly to have so little to offer. As it stands I have seven days to decide. Accept? Deny? Defer?

Publishing: Over Christmas I sent out five copies each of four stories. Yesterday I heard from Crazyhorse. Strike 18! Two stories I think are worth resending out. Two I know aren't any good, but I labored over them so long, felt I owed them the opportunity for rejection. I entered one contest, The Richard Hugo Emerging Writers, and made finalist. Luckily, I heard from the Hugo House first.

Panhandling: I haven't turned my fine writer's brush to the cardboard sign yet, but I did just take out financial aid. I will use this money to...?

Good question. My friends are moving to: Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Charlottesville (Virginia), and my boyfriend is going rent a boat and row out to Prince Edward Island where he shall search for a house with green gables or perhaps a fine Canadian fisherwoman. As I walked out to my car yesterday, pelted by hail in April, I have to say New Orleans was starting to appeal.

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