Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Montana? Spring?

Sure, it's Poetry Month. Yes, there's only 26ish days until all three of us give our thesis readings. But...I keep running around outdoors, hopeful the workload won't find me there. Last week was our beautiful, wise, wondrous Spring Break. I saw the once- 3rd largest dam in America in Hungry Horse...and (another) casino. Weeks prior, I walked around my neighborhood in search of poet epitaphs. This is but a mere sample of what you could find in Montana...


Teaching. Ushering students toward their cumulative portfolio of writing takes 1) prayers that the overhead projector bulb won't burn out in the computer classroom, 2) heavy reference to the MLA handbook, and 3) patience with revision strategies (their's and mine). I'll see what I can do.
Summer. Temp. job in Missoula? Moving in July? Big-ass yard sale to pay for the U-Haul (or--even better--make it unnecessary)? These are a few of my favorite things.
Thank our lucky stars for funding/traveling. All three of us can, in fact, confirm that funding is there in the school's myriad offices. You just have to uncover it. I was fortunate enough to go to Nicaragua last year (after reaching across the vast departmental divide to the environmental studies realm) and NYC for AWP this year-- the former for graduate credits and the latter with full funding from the President's office.
A "Real" Job. Ah, the application process. The University of Chicago sent an email regarding my recent application for an editorial position. I was not a fit for the position, but considering my personal availability date I provided, I understand. It's just too early for all those jobs out there. All in all, it's good to know UC gives responses either way, so as not to leave applicants in the WhoKnows? abyss.

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