Monday, April 28, 2008

Post-Reading Bliss: And Now I Love

I've heard that women who have just given birth experience a sense of euphoria, forgetting the preceding hours of searing crotch-pains almost immediately. Since I earnestly hope never to experience that particular joy, I guess what I'm feeling to day is as close as I'll get to it. That is to say, this: I love you. I love everyone. I overbrim with ecstatic, puppies-and-bubble-hearts-and-daisy-chain love for the entire cosmos. If you were here, in the room with me, I would give you a big bear hug and a wet sloppy kiss on your mouth. YOUR MOUTH! I've already hugged everyone in my own home so many times that now they push me away and threaten me with broom handles every time I even look at them. My pug runs away from me and my cat spits. And still I love. Love love love love love. Love.


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