Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dave Eggers, You Make Me Feel Inadequate

I picked this story up from fellow New Orleanian blogger and MFAer (LSU), Emilie Staat. Dave Eggers has a nonfiction book about Katrina coming out soon, that relays the story of a Muslim family in Uptown. The profits of Zeitoun will be given to the poor. You probably heard about the movie already. And he's putting out a newspaper, in the traditional style, this September.

After working through feelings of jealousy and low self-worth, I find my curiosity is most piqued about the paper, because I'm also of the theory that newspapers are failing because there's no reason to purchase a print version of the cheesy wire service stories posted on Yahoo. Eggers is going with the radical concept that publishers should pay quality journalists to write in depth stories.


ann said...

i cannot begin to express how much i fucking hate the idea of dave eggers writing a book - any book - about katrina. pseudo autobiographical or otherwise. i found out about this shit last week and i've been angry ever since.

Anonymous said...

Alright Ann, your statement doesn't make any sense really. Brace yourself, because Dave Eggers is probably going to keep writing books. Excellent books that are innovative and full of courage. Always remember this as the day when you used the phrase "I found out about this shit last week..."