Friday, June 5, 2009

Our inner ear balance disorder

7:30am: Bed Bugs. They Are Back. No Really. The CTA is full of the anti-bed bug mattress cover advertisements. Should I make light of bed bug and bed bug awareness campaigns? I’ll refrain.

10:30am: I always catch snippets of things out of context. Today, a CNN graphic, as I passed a television monitor right before walking into the spray of an herbicide applicator (man with machine) because a) I wasn't looking and b) applicator man wasn't looking. (Should he really be doing this out on the sidewalk, at the campus center, in the daytime? Can you wait until no one is around the entrance, please?):
Q: What is a recession?
A: Why is this chair wobbly?
What? How does that answer the question? Should we really be answering a question with another question?

A simple Google search reveals the new “it” word to describe the economy. Wobbly.

Some recent headlines:
Everyone is wobbly! They want us to believe the instability is rooted in a nation’s inner-ear balance disorder. In other news: Our inner ear area is referred to as the labyrinth. Amazing.

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Travis Fortney said...

You know what's wobbly? Trav in bowling shoes. What do you say? Fireside tonight?