Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tabby Recommends

Theodore highly recommends The God of Animals by Montana MFA grad Aryn Kyle.

He found the depiction of stable life to be generally convincing, although he did wonder about the barn cats. He worried about them drowning in the canal like Polly Cain. He believes Alice’s mother would have enjoyed a cat to watch TV with, and that the cat, in turn, would appreciate her stillness.

He totally agreed with Alice that Sheila Altman was loud and annoying. Sheila Altman is the type to yell “kitttyyy!" and pet too aggressively. If Sheila Altman came over to his house, Theodore would hide under the bed.

Theodore, like Nona, would like to meet a cowboy. He was down with that plotline, too. His only real complaint was the unanswered questions regarding said God of animals. If there is such a God, why are there fleas? Eve ate the apple, but what did cats ever do? He wishes the intelligent and lovely Ms. Kyle had dedicated more lines of her lucid, insightful prose to this important topic.

A final note: Theodore liked the part where Alice has clandestine phone conversations with her teacher. He also enjoys hiding in closets. They are a great place to pee.


Trina said...

I've always known Theodore to be an astute taste-maker.

Laurie W. said...

I didn't think Theo slept. He was always vigilant when I crashed on your futon, pacing and wondering about the next feeding time.