Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Submissions

As we know, most lit mags shut down for the summer, but here’s a few that read year round. Personally, I just can't wait until fall for those little slips of paper that say, "Sorry, I don't love you."

Cimarron Review

Prairie Fire (In Canadia, therefore requires special postage)

Glimmer Train (Caveat — entry fees and monthly guidelines)

Hayden’s Ferry Review

Missouri Review

Boston Review

Mid-American Review

The MAR and CR claim slower summer response times. You can submit online for free to TBR, for a small fee to TMR, and for a large fee to GT.

If you know of lit mags that read during the summer, post below.


Justin Hamm said...

I use a free website called Duotrope's Digest to track my submissions and it keeps track of tons of information that is easily accessible. You can search a database of just about every journal I know of to find out who's cool with simultaneous submissions, who pays, who takes a really long time to reply and who doesn't, et cetera. And, of course, it keeps track of who is open to submissions at a given moment and who isn't. So with one search, you could have fifty magazines that still read in the summer.

It has been an invaluable resource for me.

Justin Hamm said...

Forgot the web address:

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson said...

Hey, thanks! I actually drew some of this list from Duotrope, which I probably should have mentioned.

This post is the lit mags that made my personal cut for summer subs. These are mags I read/enjoy and that publish writers I know/respect.

Okay, I had never heard of Prairie Fire before Duotrope, but I couldn't resist a mag published out of Winnipeg.

You've inspired me to try the tracker. It scares me but I need to face my fears of technology.

Justin Hamm said...

I hope you do end up using it. Selfishly, I love it because it has widened my understanding of the market, helped me to see that lots of great poetry and fiction appears in journals I--in my limited scope--don't know. Many of these have a fantastic following and publish amazing poets whose voices I've never heard.

You can even see what magazines have won what awards through the search.

But at a more basic level, it has caused me to READ a more diverse selection of publications, and that's the best part of all.

Good luck!