Friday, May 1, 2009

Jobs for MFAs!

Who knew?

For the past three months I've worked for these people. The job is evaluating student essays from around the country, from various community colleges, universities etc. I confess the work is about as fun as reading comparison/contrast papers on cauliflower and broccoli can be, but it did keep me away from black plastic bus tubs this spring. Pay is $10/hr with an BA, $11/hr with an MFA! I believe you get the big increase to $12 with a PhD.

I'm quitting for school but I found the job to be straight up and the people reasonable to work for. One big benefit is the flexibility, you can pick up and trade shifts with ease. So if you need some part time work:


As always, Smarthinking hires the bulk of its new tutors over summer in preparation for increased usage in the next academic year. Starting this late May/early June, well be screening applications for new writing tutors to start in Fall 2009. If you know of any interested colleagues or friends qualified to tutor writing online, wed appreciate the referral! Everyone applies by emailing a resume and cover letter to and including Writing in the email subject line. Thanks!




Lauren said...

ha! I didn't know you were working for them too Kelly! $11/hr is fine in Missoula but I think it'll prove more difficult to survive on in a real city.

Trina said...

Smar Thinking?