Monday, May 18, 2009

New Lit Mag

The Rat's Ass Review

On the Poets & Writers Speakeasy (time suck/savior/break from Facebook for those of us who work on computers), a running joke became The Rat's Ass Review as in...

...should I list small pubs on my bio like TRAR?
...will MFA programs consider me if my only credit is TRAR?
...maybe you should send that romance/thriller/horror limerick set in the Garden District of New Orleans to TRAR.

Online and poetry only. TRAR is new, so the chance of acceptance might be higher. Think of how awesome your contributer notes bio will read for the rest of your life. Looks almost as good as Cat Fancy.


Loaf said...

That's hilarious. Is it someone from Speakeasy that did this?

I love it.

Kelly Kathleen Ferguson said...

The man otherwise known as "pongo."

ann said...

for real??