Thursday, May 14, 2009


This in from Nick Ekkisogloy, fellow Montana 08 MFAer:

Hey Kelly,
This is a link to an experimental thing my brother is doing in a video business class and you should click it. I hope all is well,

The link (eventually) takes you to an online literary journal Nick is starting up, Double Old Fashioned. You may read his infamous bloody kidney story. It will make you clutch your lower back.

In my old website/blog I used to post stories. This was before I realized these stories were terrible, but since then I have changed my name and gone under witness protection, so I feel pretty safe no one will be able to make the connection. Although at times I wake up a little bit sweaty.

Oh well. I don't have the psychological fortitude to self-publish fiction online. Too many scars. But to invoke fond memories of former Montana MFA program director Kate Gadbow, woman of succulent bison chili and intelligent, kind words:

Go Nick!

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Laurie W. said...

Oops. I think the blog is here: The other thing I love about this is Nick is Wikipediable, also.