Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Notes from the Field

I am reporting from my new work assignment in a new department at The Academic Institution Now Employing Me (AINEM--almost like "anime"). Today the work email inbox received a call for conference proposals for studies in "non-reading." Eventually, links led me to the first chapter of the book How to Read Books You Haven't Read:

We must not forget that even a prodigious reader never has access to more than an infinitesimal fraction of the books that exist. As a result, unless he abstains definitively from all conversation and all writing, he will find himself forever obliged to express his thoughts on books he hasn't read.
(Well, okay, following you so far...)

Invited proposal topics include

- The elaboration of meaning, reception theory
- The book as fetish
- Imaginary books, screen books, phantom books
- The role played by non-reading in the reception of certain texts or authors (Proust...)
- Sociological dimensions of books and reading

Areas of interest appealed to include creative writers, critical theorists, literary historians, etc.

Thoughts on non-reading? Are you non-reading this post right now? Discuss.


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Kelly Kathleen Ferguson said...

Wow. Academics are getting really desperate, huh?

Laurie W. said...

In related/non-related news, Kanye is a "Proud Non-Reader."